I got started extremely early with my first computer,.

Right after I graduated from college, I began working with computers. Therefore, I got a head start on technology exploration. I became deeply passionate about everything computer-related as I learned to code simple programs and experiment with hardware.

Armed with my newly acquired knowledge and abilities, I eagerly entered the field of computing as a profession. Working with computers evolved into something more than just a job; it became a rewarding experience where I could continuously learn and advance. Each project brought its own set of difficulties that forced me to broaden my knowledge and think creatively. I enjoyed every challenge, whether it was figuring out complex problems or coming up with creative solutions.


I moved from Germany to Thailand in January 1990 and worked for several smaller businesses before establishing my own small IT company with friends. Later on, we decided to go separate ways and I joined my late wife’s business and shifted the focus to IT services.

During my time at So. Likasit, I have had the privilege of working alongside brilliant individuals hailing from various fields, which has nurtured an atmosphere of innovation and teamwork. This collaborative environment has not only enriched my professional growth but also allowed me to gain valuable insights from diverse perspectives. Being immersed in the IT industry for more than fortyfive years, I have observed the remarkable progress and technological breakthroughs that have propelled the nation into a prominent digital hub. The constant evolution of this sector has been nothing short of exhilarating, and I am enthusiastic about my ongoing contribution to shaping Thailand’s ever-changing IT landscape. With each passing day, I eagerly anticipate the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, as technology continues to reshape our world.